Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekly update

Weekly update
You didn't think you'd get away with a holiday did you?

I thought I'd just post a few good websites that could be used to get those brain cells working before we go back to school.

Type in the URL address below.
Then select any of the following games which would be suitable for the children
3 letter house
Spelling ship
Word reader
Cluster Buster
Look, Cover, Write, Check - remember you can put in your own high frequency words by clicking on the boxes and typing them in.
Phonic fighter is also very good for the blending of three letter words.
REMEMBER! for those last few letter sounds and names, plus lots of stories for the children to read themselves.

To support their mathematical development: - this works on comparative langauge and number recognition beyond 20. - this supports number recognition to 20. - this helps the children develop their doubling skills. - this provides a numberline to count back on. - this asks the children to find the missing number to make the given total.

Hope you are having a fun holiday. I've just got back off mine and look forward to sharing your adventures over the half term.

Keep safe!

Best wishes
Jayne Narraway x

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