Sunday, June 25, 2006

26th June 2006

Weekly update

Art exhibition
Last week the children created a piece of art each. These have been sent away to be framed and there will be an art exhibition in the school hall on Wednesday after school and in the evening. Look out for the posters on classroom windows for further details. I think you will be amazed at the quality of the children's art work. We are thrilled with our budding artists!

Non-unform day
Friday is non-uniform day. The children do not have to come in their uniform. All we ask is that they bring in a tombola prize as 'payment' for not wearing their uniform. The tombola will be held at the Sport's Day next week.

Communication, Language and Literacy
This week we will be continuing with our work on traditional stories. The children will work on a book called 'Jasper's Beanstalk' which they will compare with 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They will have the opportunity to create their own land at the top of the beanstalk and talk about the characters they would meet in their land. Who knows we could be growing our very own beanstalk in the classroom!!! Jasper's Beanstalk has strong links with the days of the week so a review of these will be facilitated. The usual phonics and reading work will continue.

To look at more traditional stories visit: - from this page you can access other fairy stories.

Mathematical Development
We will be continuing to count in tens to 100 and backwards. We will also be counting in twos to 20 and hopefully beyond. We will be reinforcing the formation of the numerals and working on estimation. Counting reliably will be used using the LINE, TOUCH, COUNT method, as well as exploring the different ways that magic number 10 can be made e.g 4+6, 5+5, 7+3, etc. We will be developing the strategy of counting on from one number to find the missing number in a number sentence e.g 4 + ? = 6 the children count on from 4 until they reach 6 and see how many they had to add.

Websites you may wish to look at: - this site has different levels. Select level 1 for basic addition practice and level 2 for missing number addition.

Everything else?
The children will be practicing the various skills for our Sport's Day next week, so our PE times will be taken up with getting our atheletes into prime condition. In Knowledge and Understanding of the World, the children will be exploring and sorting different modes of transport.

In creative development they will be making something very special as a keepsake of their time with us.

And now it is time to feel sad! The wonderful work the children have produced and are displayed on our walls must come down. However, do not feel too sad as we have put a selection of work into a Year Book for every child as an additional keepsake.

Finally, please can you remember to send in a water bottle for your child. Thanks

Bye for now

Jayne Narraway x

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