Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekly update

Weekly update
Week beginning 1st May 2006

This week is one of our favourite weeks! We will be looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and in particular his painting Sunflowers. We will be looking at shades of colour and the use of texture when painting. Watch out for our classroom transforming into an art gallery, with a range of media being used to represent the work of Van Gogh.

We are continuing our work on living things also this week. The children are to be encouraged to work in teams of four to make a model of any animal using junk materials and a papier mache baloon. Toilet rolls, egg cartons, bottle tops etc are greatly appreciated.

In Communication, Language and Literacy, the children will be reviewing the long vowel sound 'ee' in words, and reinforcing the blending of sounds together. They will continue on the theme of instructions this week.
Websites you may wish to visit to support your child's learning: - cvc machine game - looks at reading words with three letter sounds. - cluster buster - select words and pictures website for high frequency word support. - spelling ship for high frequency word support.

In Mathematical Development this week, we will be reviewing addition again in preparation for the work on doubling we will be doing the week after. They will be encouraged to remember the chant:

Our class target this week is to name the main external parts of a flowering plant.

Sadly we say goodbye to Miss Dawson on Tuesday. I know the children and staff will miss her.

Best wishes
Jayne Narraway x


Francesca Fox said...

I like this web site and so do my mum and dad. Love francesca fox x

Mrs Narraway's site said...

Hi Francesca!
Thank you for you comment.
I am glad you like my blogspot!
Bye Bye
Mrs Narraway x

Miss Dawson said...

Thank you very much to all the children, parents and staff in reception.
I have had a lovely time working in your class and will miss you all.
Thank you I will be back soon to visit and will keep checking the Blog Spot to see what you clever people are all learning! xx