Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Well…I’m still here! No news as yet. Can you believe that your child has completed their first term in school? They have done really well and I received a text of Mrs Higgins saying how sensible the children were on their trip to the cathedral last week, and how proud of them I would be.

This week at school is my favourite one as the festive spirit really moves up a notch. Having a 5 year old at home who is counting down every day (and trying to convince me that if she eats two chocolates each day Christmas will come sooner) can be some what of a headache so here are some great websites to let them have a go at while you put the finishing touches to your Christmas preparations, or even just sit down and have a rest.

Nativity stories
Just for fun! write a letter to Santa and see the reply appear before your very eyes! a real favourite of mine! The disco dancing Santa is fabulous! a very interesting site, explaining all about the customs and traditions of Christmas. I loved this story! Maybe one for Christmas Eve? this made me giggle! Get the penguin to write your name in the snow. What about trying this to help with the spelling of those tricky words? Rudolf is missing! Read this lovely interactive story with your child. A great way of developing those comprehension skills. decorate the online Christmas tree build your very own snowman...without getting your hands cold! some great ideas for Christmas crafts to doat home, using all those empty boxes. Christmas crafts why not sing through some of these traditional Christmas Carols in preparation for Friday’s service? christmas carols to sing along to. oh this is just fabulous! Karaoke anyone?? Just scroll down for the Christmas songs. Go on – I’ll bet you can’t resist just singing along! lots of different activities for you to try at home lots of Christmas online activities to try. I really like the writing ideas, which use a framework and a wordbank to help. Why not print some off to bring in to show?

There is rather a lot of things going on this week so here goes with the details.


Dust off those party frocks and best clothes, as Monday sees our fantastic Christmas party! The children have worked really hard all term, so now is the chance for them to let their hair down and boogie the afternoon away. The children will be allowed to come to school ALL DAY in their own clothes, complete with hair gel, glitter and perfume!

Santa’s elves have been very busy wrapping all the gifts for the children AND organising all the party food. A huge thank you to all the elves behind the scenes who have been bagging and wrapping for the last few weeks – you can put your feet up now!!

Christingle Service
This year’s Christingle service takes place up at St. Joseph’s Church on Tuesday 16th December at 7.00pm. Although it is quite late, it would be lovely if there could be some Angels, Kings and Shepherds there, complete with their Christingle kits. We have these on sale in school for 50p.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we shall be putting the finishing touches to the lovely Christmas decorations that the children are making as well as completing assessments in preparation for the New Year.


The last day of term, sees a real treat. Our Christmas Carol Service, led by Years 5/6 will be held up at St. Joseph’s Church at 10am. We ask that the children arrive in school as normal, for registration. We shall then be walking all the children up to Church for the service, which should last around an hour. Please ensure that the children are wearing a very warm coat, gloves, hat and scarf for that day, as the weather is extremely cold. The children will obviously not be able to buy toast on that day, so it would be helpful if they could bring a small snack for after the service, which they will be able to eat in the Loretto Centre at Church before their return. We really do need lots of parental support to accompany the children up to St. Joseph’s, so please let any member of the team know by Tuesday if you are able to help out.

The afternoon sees the Parent’s Panto. It is always a really fantastic production and a fitting end to the year. All the children, (and staff) leave the hall in festive mood, ready to start our preparations at home.

The children’s photographs were distributed last week and how gorgeous are they? Please do let us know if you haven’t received them and we will do our best to sort them out for you.

And finally…On behalf of all the team, I’d like to wish you a very happy, peaceful and holy Christmas. We hope that Santa brings you everything you ask for and that we all return safe and happy in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Warm wishes

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx

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