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Once upon a time...lived happily ever after.

Hi there!

As I mentioned on last week’s blog, Miss Lauren Scott will be completing her final teaching practice with us until the Whit holidays. She will teach the children every day except Thursday when I shall be back in class with the children. Miss Scott is familiar with the children and is aware of the high level the children are working at. She will be supported by Mrs Higgins and Mrs Latham as usual. However, I would appreciate that any messages be passed on to myself or Mrs Higgins. Thanks.

The theme for this half term is ‘Traditional Tales’. Jack and the beanstalk is the story for this week and all areas of learning will be tied into this. Last week the children received letters from Jim the Giant. These have been very well received with lots of independent and self-initiated writing completed by the children as a result of the letters. We even had some flags made for the giant’s castle on the junk modelling table.

Communication, Language and Literacy
By the end of the week, the children:
MUST be able to say a sentence and write a sentence with support.
SHOULD be able to write a sentence with a capital letter and full stop.
COULD be able to write a series of sentences and include some connectives such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’, ’because’ and ‘when’.

The children will be asked to write a sentence linked to their favourite character in the story, extending it to say why they chose the character. They will also be sequencing the pictures from the story and then writing sentences to match the sequenced pictured. This will provide a vehicle for which they can achieve the learning objectives stated above.

Here are some great websites with traditional tales on them that the children may enjoy: - the session part 1 on this page. Click and drag the characters to the books. - this is an illustrated version of the story to be read to your child. - WOW!!! A great many things to do on this website.

The children are doing tremendously well with their phonics. We are moving onto new sound patterns this week which include ‘or’, ‘oa’, ‘ar’ and ‘igh’. By the end of the week, the children;
MUST be able to identify the patterns ‘or’, ‘oa’, ‘ar’ and ‘igh’ on sight;
SHOULD be able to use them to make new words;
COULD be able to read and write words containing the patterns.

Here are some websites to support this area of learning: - this looks at the spelling pattern ‘oa’. - this looks at ‘igh’. - a snap game to help the children quickly identify the letter patterns in words. - I would recommend this website to support the blending of sounds together when reading. - a great website with different levels. Start at the medium level and then work on from there at your own pace. - I really like this one. You could easily have a go at sections 1 and 2. - a great little video! - select the games to play with our spelling patterns in them.

Problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy
The focus for this week will mainly be on the use of comparative language linked to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. By the end of the week, the children:
MUST be able to identify objects that are tall and short.
SHOULD be able to order up to three objects in order of height saying which is the tallest, which is taller and which is shorter/shortest.
COULD be able to compare the heights of a range of objects and use other language to compare and describe the size.

When comparing size we use the language big and small. When specifically talking about height we use tall and short. Many children confuse tall and big. Any support you can give towards this is really appreciated. Thanks.

Here are some websites to support you: - This is a good website for reviewing addition and subtraction even though we are not working on it directly at the moment. - looks at big and small. - a lovely website introducing small, medium and large’ - print out and order at home. - fab!

Here I Am
In RE this week we start our new topic of ‘Holidays and Holydays’. The children will learn to:
RECOGNISE what a holiday is;
REFLECT on their experience of holidays;
APPRECIATE that holidays can be happy days.
I will be working with the children on this on Thursdays when I am in class all day. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could prepare your child to talk about a holiday they have had, look at photographs and talk about the weather and what they did whilst there.

Primary Arts Network
As you are aware we are involved in creating art work on the theme of 'echoes'. We have just completed our piece for Warrington Museum. I thought you may want to have a sneak preview. We hope to take the children to see it when it is displayed.

Thank you
Our sponsored ‘Boogie Woogie’ has so far raised just short of £170. This is amazing. If anyone has any outstanding sponsor money please could you pop it in and then we can send it off. Please pass on our thanks to all your family and friends for their generosity.

Last week we did have some girls coming to school with nail varnish on. We always have smart children at St Vincent’s and hope that you share our pride in our children’s appearance. Therefore, would you mind checking that there is no nail varnish on their fingernails? Cheers.

Outside my classroom each morning and afternoon there will be a book swap basket. Please feel free to have a rummage and take any you would fancy reading. All that we ask is that you bring it back when you have finished or place one in the basket you’d like to swap.

That’s all for now folks!

Have a fantastic week.

Best wishes
Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx

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