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Ooooh! Didn't they do well?

Hi there!

What a fantastic week we had last week! The performances went without a hitch and weren't the children just amazing considering they have only been in school a mere 11 weeks? We feel a reasl sense of achievement in having boosted the children's confidence so much that they will get up on the stage and have a go. Believe me, I didn't realise how scary it was myself until the mum's panto added a little extra to their performance!

Many thanks to you all for your kind comments and fantastic costumes. A HUGH thanks also goes to all the parents (and Grandparents) who helped to get the children changed. We couldn't have managed without you!

I think it is probably best to go through the diary of events for this week. Here goes...

WEDNESDAY - In the afternoon, the children will be treated to Jack and the Beanstalk. Many thanks for your contribution to this.

THURSDAY - the children will be visiting the Cathedral. The organisers have asked that we do not wrap our gifts this year. Please could any outstanding permission slips be returned as soon as possible. Thanks. We will return back to school by 4pm. You may wait in the school hall. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the Carol Service myself as I have my own daughter's nativity to attend that afternoon. However, Mrs Higgins and Mr Barker will be chaperoning our little angels.


I am just a little concerned that some children are often late arriving into school in the morning. The school doors open at 8.40am for Foundation Stage and school starts at 8.45am. Ideally ALL the children need to be sat on the carpet for registration by 8.50am so we can start our learning promptly. Your support in this would be greatly appreciated.

Now let's get on with what's going to be going on in class this week.

Santa's getting old

Did your child tell you that we received a letter from Eric the Elf? Yes! He asked the children to make some decorations for Timmy Tree who was very sad that all the other trees he knows have decorations. Of course the children obliged and what a 'splendiferous' job they did too! This week we reeive another letter from an elf. This time it is the chief elf 'Doc'. Santa has lost his memory and can't remember where the children live and so they may not get any presents on Christmas morning. Can you imagine their faces? Sounds cruel but it is a way into the children developing their geographical understanding of the local area. It would be helpful if you could help your child to remember their address as we will be locating your street on a map of the area.

Angels and Kings

The children will be creating angel broaches to wear at the cathedral as well as finishing off their fantastic Christmas cards.

The Christmas Story

We have been amazed at how brilliantly the children have picked up the story of the Nativity. This week, we take some children a little out of their comfort zone whilst some will be in their element. We have props and masks galore for the children to act out the story of the First Christmas. I can't wait to see them do it as the collages they have created depicting the events of the story are amazing.

The collages the children have created will be scanned this weekend and used to create a version of the Christmas story by the children. You may wish to keep your child busy by doing this at home if you have a scanner and powerpoint. Alternatively a few pictures and you as a scribe can make a lovely book. Perhaps if you make one you could pop it into school and we could share it too.


This week is also assessment and review week. This is an opportunity to check the reading and spelling of the high frequency words, and assess the children for the next level in their reading. I will also be checking:

Shape recognition

Finding one more and one less than a given number

Number recognition

Pattern Making

Phonic knowledge

Knowledge and understanding of the language of length, weight and capacity in preparation for after Christmas.

Any of the websites from previous blogs are useful as a review exercise. Please find some of them listed below. - select the more counting picture with the jar of frogs. - This is such a cute website. The children can select the numbers they wish to work with and then select the number of sweets to feed the teddy as identified by the number given. - This is one of my personal favourites! I remember the first time I ever saw it and couldn’t stop laughing. - I really like this one as it helps to develop mouse skills as well as counting skills. - A simple but effective website. - Click on the pictures to make them colour. - On this website the children must identify the numbers on the leaves and then drag the ladybirds with matching number of spots. They can count the number of leaves on a stem and match the number to it or, order numbered snails and ladybirds. - this game works on ordering the numbers. - collect the acorns in number order. - The children must count the number of pieces of fruit and then click on the matching number. - Click on the link Down on the Farm and follow the instructions. - This one is good. Count the items on the peacocks feathers and drag them to the number. - All the fun of the fair with this one! - This websites needs the children to use the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can select the numbers the children are unsure of and work on them. - another great game for developing the children’s number recognition. - For those children with number recognition beyond 10. This is a great game for them! Count the barrels in the water and then type in the number. Let’s see if you can sink the ship. - with this website, you will need to work with your child. They will need to firstly count the fish (they are moveable into a line) and then find one more and one less. - this website is great for developing the children’s understanding of one less. As one speckled frog jumps into the pool, there is one less! - these are great for those counting rhymes that involve one less each time. - select the animals sound one and see if you can make a musical pattern with the animal noises. - the children have the opportunity to continue a repeating pattern using colours, shapes and pictures. - a string of beads at two levels, one with 6 beads and a second with 10 beads. The children must make repeating patterns using the colour palette provided. - in part two or three of this game the children have the opportunity to make a pattern for themselves. - a great powerpoint to support the children’s learning of how to continue a repeating pattern. - click on the pattern label to enter the correct game. Remember to start on the reception level.

Hope your Christmas shopping is coming along nicely too.

Have a great week!

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx

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