Thursday, September 27, 2007

What an eventful week we have just had! Hey but what FUN!! I told you there’s fun in the FOUNDATION STAGE!

We have had a third reply from our balloon sending exercise. This time the balloon got as far as Taunton in Somerset. WOW!

We will be continuing with last week’s key question of the week which was:
What do I look like?

The children have drawn some amazing self portraits which we hope to have on display in the classroom some time this week. We also looked at the work of the artist Guiseppe Acrimboldo who created images out of fruits and vegetables. I hope to post some of the pictures on the school website which is When I use the term ‘I’, I actually mean I need to ask Mrs Worrall to pop the pictures on for me.

The children will now go on to apply their learning to using different media and develop their creative skills. This week, the children will transform a white paper plate into a face. They will be able to use any materials they wish to do so. If you have any spare brown, black or yellow wool at home then we would be grateful recipients. Additionally, the children will be using seeds and pasta to create faces in play dough. You could easily do this with your child at home. - This website can be used to enable your child to develop their computer skills whilst learning about the position of the parts of the face. - This website allows your child to create a face with the different features.

Communication, Language and Literacy
We will be continuing with our work on nursery rhymes this week.

By the end of this week the children:
COULD be able to continue a rhyming string;
SHOULD be able to identify the rhyming words in a poem, rhyme or story;
MUST be able to join in with a simple rhyme.

You may once again wish to check out these websites to support your child. Please remind them to join in with the actions too. - a good website for listening to rhymes - this site helps the children to match rhyming words but you will need to sit with them to read them out.

In addition to the work on rhymes we will also be developing the children’s letter recognition and ability to hear the sounds at the beginning of words. Here are some great websites that are well worth a visit. - The children are to try to hear the initial sounds in words. - Look at the letter shown and then select the picture that begins with that letter. - This is an amazing website focusing on the initial sounds. Hours of fun why you do your ironing I think! - The children love this. I had it on in class last week and they are so good at using it. - the children are to focus on the initial sounds of the picture shown and then identify a picture with the same initial sound. - a good website for getting the children to identify the letters of the alphabet.

Mathematical Development

The children made a great start on their counting skills this week. We will be continuing with these learning objectives this week, but with a twist!

By the end of the week, the children:

COULD be able to count up to 20 objects reliably;
SHOULD be able to count 10 objects reliably;
MUST be able to count 6 objects reliably.

The children will learn to apply their counting to different problem solving activities and in particular to the counting out of 1p coins when playing in the shop. I have listed the websites from last week as they are still relevant but if you could get out the tins etc from your larder and sift through your spare change for 1p coins, you could really support your child’s learning. - select the more counting picture with the jar of frogs. - This is such a cute website. The children can select the numbers they wish to work with and then select the number of sweets to feed the teddy as identified by the number given. - This is one of my personal favourites! I remember the first time I ever saw it and couldn’t stop laughing. - I really like this one as it helps to develop mouse skills as well as counting skills. - A simple but effective website. - Click on the pictures to make them colour. - On this website the children must identify the numbers on the leaves and then drag the ladybirds with matching number of spots. They can count the number of leaves on a stem and match the number to it or, order numbered snails and ladybirds. - this game works on ordering the numbers. - collect the acorns in number order. - The children must count the number of pieces of fruit and then click on the matching number. - Click on the link Down on the Farm and follow the instructions. - This one is good. Count the items on the peacocks feathers and drag them to the number. - All the fun of the fair with this one! - This websites needs the children to use the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can select the numbers the children are unsure of and work on them. - another great game for developing the children’s number recognition. - For those children with number recognition beyond 10. This is a great game for them! Count the barrels in the water and then type in the number. Let’s see if you can sink the ship.

This week, because the children have learned to do the sign of the cross so well in English, we are going to teach them it is Spanish. Oh…but that is not all! In addition to this, they will be learning to answer the register in Spanish, saying good afternoon and good morning. Estupendo!!!

And finally… the domestics of the week.
There is very little happening this week apart from the fact that there will be a supply teacher in class on Monday. I shall be out of school working with our other network schools on an exciting new project called The Mantle of the Expert…What? I hear you ask! Here is a taster of what it’s all about…

On Wednesday the children will come into school. There will be a letter waiting for them. Who is it from? It’s Incy Wincy Spider. He’s very sad because he wants to visit his friend Humpty Dumpty but he’s frightened of the rain washing him away again. Please can we help? MADNESS!!! You may think I have lost the plot but trust me! It gets worse! No...only joking! The children will be encouraged to solve the problem. How can this be done? They will have to draw maps from Incy’s web to Humpty’s house. What does he have to travel over, under etc? How can we stop him getting wet? What materials can we use to make sure he doesn’t get wet? The children make the decisions, take control of their learning and solve problems. Think about the skills needed in adulthood. This is our commitment to providing a curriculum for the 21st century.

Back to reality! On Wednesday, your child will recieve their handwriting homework and
Have a fantastic week!!
Best wishes

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx