Saturday, June 23, 2007

G'Day Sport!


This week we are having a multicultural week in school. Each phase team is taking a different culture to work on and completing rich tasks. Due to the fact that we have covered some cultures already, through Chinese New Year and Divali, we have decided to look at Australia and in particular the Aborigines. We have some exciting tasks for the children to do, all with a creative aspect of course.

In their handwriting book bags, the children will have a copy of the symbols that the aborigines use in their art to represent different features of their culture. You may want to help your child develop their understanding of these by decorating a boomerang shape at home.

The children will be creating aboriginal designs on cotton using a wax resist effect and fabric dyes. This is a media that the children haven’t used yet and the effects are striking.

Rain makers
The children will be working in teams to make their own rain maker and decorate it with aboriginal designs.

Aboriginal Art
The children will be working in a team to also create a large piece of art linked to the rainbow serpent.

Hands, feet and boomerangs!
The children will create a large piece of art work using stencils of feet, hands and boomerangs. They will learn some new skills and use new materials to them. The overall effect should be fabulous.

On the painting tables, the children will have the opportunity to explore their understanding of aboriginal art.

If you want to have a look at the types of things we are doing these websites should be of use to you.

We are going to attempt to learn an aboriginal song. If you click on the website - you will see the song we are learning. It is called ‘Badjarri’. Click beside the title and it will play the song. I’ve had a go and ended up in fits of laughter so imagine what we will be like doing it in class. Have a go yourself. Needless to say, if you want to learn it and help your child your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Miss Robinson has been a darling. She visited Australia not too long ago and has loaned us many of her artefacts to share with the children. This includes a digeridoo! The challenge for the week will be to get a sound out of it!

Golden Time
Oh, you can’t do about Australia and not have a ‘barbie’. Golden time may be at a different time this week, as it will all depend on the weather. Our resident ‘Shelia’, Mrs Latham, will be cooking up a treat. Can’t wait.

Here I Am
All schools must complete a week on a different faith as part of the Here I Am topic. Therefore, we will be taking the opportunity to look at Judaism. - this one is the best I think.

The domestics
This week, we also see the arrival of our new intake children for September. I bet you can’t believe that it is a year ago since our children were having the same experience. I am sure that the children will be made to feel welcome and it usually makes us realise just how much our class have grown.

PE kits will be sent home on Friday for washing before Sport’s Day. Please check that your child’s pumps fit. If you don’t get it sent out to you at the end of the day on Friday, then please ask for it, as one year we forgot and I ended up washing and ironing 45 t-shirts. Believe me, myself and the ironing board is not my first choice of household chores!!

Have a great week and please pray for sunshine.

Best wishes
Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx

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