Thursday, May 17, 2007

Float or sink?

In this week, we usually do assessment and review week. However, we managed to do quite a lot of our assessment last week. This enables us to reinforce and consolidate the children’s new learning from last week.

This week we will be working on the following:

Communication, Language and Literacy

As we did last week, the children will be working on their writing skills. This is a high focus now as we aim for ALL the children to be able to write a sentence by the time they go into year 1.

Therefore, as last week, by the end of this week, the children:
COULD be able to write a sentence with a capital letter, a full stop and interesting words. Some children will be encouraged to write a series of sentences.
SHOULD be able to write a simple sentence with a capital letter and a full stop.
MUST be able to think of a sentence and write it with adult support.

This literacy work will be based on the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’. This is a great text which gives the children a fantastic opportunity for getting into character. Miss Davies will be working with the children in small groups to develop their acting skills. I’m sure this class have many budding thespians!!! This story also provides the opportunity to review their understanding of floating and sinking.

The following websites may be of use to you in supporting your child’s literacy skills this week: - this is great for helping the children to develop their sounding out and blending of the sounds together, as well as hearing the medial vowel sound; - the music to this is really funky!! The children have three levels at which they can work, and again they need to blend the sounds together; - this is a brilliant website for those children who have moved on from the three letter words and are developing their sounding out of words to four letter words (not of the rude kind I assure you!) - another one for hearing the beginning of the words. - for working on those three letter words. - an old favourite but why not try out some of the other activities? - love this one!

Mathematical Development

Due to the difficulty the children had in learning the mathematical names of the 3d shapes, we are going to continue with last week’s work. Please DO NOT worry!!! Nearly all the children can name and recognise the two dimensional shapes of a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We are working on Year 1 objectives now so don’t worry if it takes a while.

By the end of this week, the children:
COULD be able to name 3d shapes and their properties, and name a shape when its properties are described to them, extending to using the vocabulary themselves;
SHOULD be able to name and describe all the 2d shapes and name the 3d shapes;
MUST be able to name the 2d shapes and their properties.

It seems a long time since we did focussed work on shape and therefore your child may need some review of the work we have done before. The following websites can be used to support your child. However, the best way of developing your child’s understanding of shape is by having a walk around the house and local environment. Asking questions such as:
Why did the builder use cuboids(brick shapes) and not spheres(balls)?
Why can a ball roll? - a review of pattern making

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The focus for this week will be on the development of the children’s investigative skills. They will investigate which materials float and which sink. They will use the water tray (what a daft thing to say – what else would they use? Mmm…definitely ready for a holiday I think!) to identify and sort objects. You can support this by putting household objects in the bath at bath time.

Creative Development

Our collage on the theme of Spanish Foods is now complete and ready to be sent off. There is a competition that we can enter with a winning prize of £2,000. Of course, we are going to win!!! Even if we don’t get the real prize I’m sure a little treat may be delivered to our door!!!.

Here I Am
This week we begin our new topic ‘Freedom and Responsibility’.
The children will learn to:
RECOGNISE the need to take turns;
REFLECT on what happens when children don’t take turns;
RESPECT – appreciate taking turns is an important rule.

Spanish DVD
The children will finally be filmed!! Fantastic! Or should I say ‘estupendo’?

And finally…many thanks for all your valued and continued support.

Have a great holiday!
Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team xxx

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