Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Weekly update week beginning 11th December 2006

Hi there!

Didn't they do well? The children really did us proud in the Christmas Production last week. It just shows how much their confidence has developed in such a short space of time. many thanks for the lovely costumes. I am sure that you saw how they added 'sparkle' to the performance. Now the week of the production is over we have more festive treats in store.

Monday - the whole school will be going to the Gatheway Theatre to watch 'The Wizard of Oz'. Please remember to be in school for 8.15am for an early registration.
Tuesday - In the afternoon we shall be going to Liverpool Catherdral for the carol service. Please note that the children will be returning late from this. You can collect your child in the normal way from the classroom door at about 4pm. The children may take a small gift for a child less fortunate than themselves to present at the altar whilst we are there. We are very lucky to be going to the catherdral. It is a magical experience for the children.

But what about the rest of the week?

This week is dedicated to assessment and review of the the learning the children have experienced since the start of this half term. It is a time when we stand back in amazement at the swift progress the children have made and set challenging targets for the Spring Term. Therefore, any of the websites from previous blogs can be used to review the children's learning. At the beginning of the final week, you will receive an update on your child's progress.

Mathematical Development
We will be looking at shape, pattern, number recognition, counting and finding one more/less than a given number.

For pattern making, the children:
MUST be able to continue a repeating pattern
SHOULD be able to create a two colour repeating pattern
COULD be able to create a repeating pattern with up to four colours.

For shape the children:
MUST be able to name a circle, square, rectangle and triangle
SHOULD be able to talk about how many sides and corners each shape has
COULD be able to describe the properties of a 2d shape.

For counting, the children:
MUST be able to count 6 objects reliably
SHOULD be able to count10 objects reliably
COULD be able to count 20 objects reliably

For one more/less, the children:
MUST be able to practically find one more and one less than up to 6 objects
SHOULD be able to practically find one more and one less than up to 10 objects
COULD be able to mentally find one more and one less than a given number up to 10.

For number recognition, this information will be given to you via your child's reading diary.

Communication, Language and Literacy
We will be assessing the children on their understanding and ability to rhyme.

The children:
MUST be able to recognise rhyming words in familiar contexts
SHOULD be able to match rhyming pairs
COULD be able to continue a rhyming string.

The children's high frequency words and spellings will be updated also. In addition to this, the children's letter sound and name recognition will be updated and reported to you. Some children will be assessed for the next level in their reading.

Other areas of the curriculum
The children are busily creating their Christmas gifts for you and this week they will be making a party hat for their Christmas dinner. We will be continuing with our Advent tasks and the story of the birth of Jesus. The role play area has been changed to the stable in bethlehem ready for the children to re-enact the story. Much of this week will be devoted to the Christmas story.

Did the tree get its decorations?
Yes, Timmy Tree did get some decorations made for him. One little girl wrote a letter back to the tree. I wonder if she will get a reply?!?

That's all for this week. Relatively short but sweet!

Take care

Best wishes

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team

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