Saturday, November 04, 2006

We're ready for lift off!!!

Weekly update

Hello there!

As our title of our posting suggests we are ready to make our rockets. I don't think we have ever had a class who have collected so much junk materials for their rocket models. this is absolutely fantastic, as it gives the children a real choice of the shapes and sizes available to make their models. I just love this week!! Even my Grandma and her knitting circle get involved and have saved all their cones from their wool. Thanks to you all.

We didn't get through everything last week so we are carrying on from last week. Here's what's happening this week...

Here I Am
As the class target suggests, the children will be continuing to learn about initiation and relating it to the baptism of Jesus. They will compare their baptism with that of Jesus and learn why they have Godparents. If you could talk to your child about this it will deepen their understanding. We are also ahead of the game, as the syllabus states that we should teach the children the sign of the cross, and we have already done it!!

Communication, Language and Literacy
Following the much anticipated fireworks of the weekend the children will be working on a firework poem. This is how the poem goes...
10 fat sausages sizzling in the fire
9 fiery flames reaching even higher
8 shiny stars dropping on the ground
7 silver sparklers whirling round and round
6 golden fountains fizzing in the dark
5 red rockets whizzing across the park
4 bright catherine wheels spinning on a gate
3 wide-eyed children allowed out very late
2 proud parents watching all the games
1 lonely guy roasting in the flames.
The children will reinforce their understanding of alliteration (words and phrases which begin with the same sound) and continue to develop their understanding of rhyme. I have a little game you may wish to play.
You will need:
a teddy bear or soft toy and...patience.
How to play:
Say a rhyming word whilst holding the toy. Pass the toy to your child and they have to say a rhyming word. They then pass it back to you for you to say a rhyming word. This continues until you can't think of anymore rhyming words and then your child chooses a word to rhyme with. This can be played in a circle with other members of the family so switch off the TV and have some Rhyme-Time instead.

Mathematical Development
This week the children are working once again one finding one more and one less than a given number. They are all counting remarkably reliably now and many seem to have grasped fidning one more mentally. We have decided to continue with this for another week with an emphasis on the terms 'more' and 'less'. We will, however, introduce the terms 'greater' and 'smaller' when comparing two numbers.

Mantle of the Expert
Yet again Mrs Daydream will stumble across the 'Problem-solvers' (the children). Last week they were eagerly making designs for her to see on her return. She is going to explain that she would need to see what the rockets look like in reality and ask the problem-solvers to make some model rockets for her. This creates the stimulus for the rocket making.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
As I noted last week, the aim of the model making is to support and guide children in their selection of materials and tools for making their rockets. they will learn about using masking tape because they can paint over it etc. This will be in preparation for the following week, when the children will have free choice in their model making. This way the children will have been taught how to join materials effectively, choose appropriate materials and tools for the task etc in order for them to be able to make models independently. Why not try a spot of model making at home? We'd love to see them.

In addition to the model making the children will learning about 'reflection'. Last week, they explored materials that are shiny and dull. This week we are collecting 'shiny' and 'dull' materials for our investigation table. If you have anything to add, then the children can bring it in to share witht he class on the investigation table. You may wish to reinforce their understanding of reflection by looking around the home for things they can see their faces in. It's pretty easy in the shops too with all the Christmas decorations about!!! (Not long to go now!!!)

Physical Development
In PE this week the children will be learning to move in response to the music they will be dancing to in the Christmas Production. Yes! We do actually have to start this so early. It's great fun and you'll love it!

The children will also be refining their fine motor skills this week with the creation of weaving sculptures using shiny and dull materials. Weaving is a great way of developing the children's manipulative skills. In addition to this, they will developing their cutting skills through a series of activities involving threading, playdough, tracing and, of course, the much loved computer.

Creative Development
As Christmas approaches my urge to use glitter on everything increases. As I stated above the children will create shiny and dull sculptures as part of a team. They will also be invited to make a shiny card for Mrs Daydream to take with her when she visits the jigaree. The rockets will get their finishing touches of fire and sequins etc and hopefully be 'in flight' by the end of the following week. Yes this means you may have to duck even more when you enter the classroom.

In music the children will explore how instruemnts are played and create a musical accompaniment to the firework poem above.

Other messages
As part of their learning the children spend sometime learning outdoors. Please ensure that your child has a hat, gloves and a scarf every day. Please also remember to label it with a name tag.

As the children have been in school for quite a while now we ask that you encourage them to come in on their own. This helps to settle the children quicker. Initally, your child may feel a little unsettled but when it becomes the norm they just get on with it. This is not to say that you can not enter the building and if your child is extrememly distressed and not ready for this them please do what you feel is best. We do however, hope that by Christmas all the children will be coming in on their own.

As you may have noticed I have not made any links with new websites. the ones previously posted will be sufficient for this week. I can tell that many of the children have been on as they sing along to the songs on it in the classroom.

Have a great week!

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team x

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