Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weekly update 16th October 2006

Weekly update

Last week was a great week with the children getting fully involved in their role as problem-solvers. Yet another problem was solved regarding how to mix the colours green, purple, orange, pink and brown. The children even taught 'Martha Colourwheel' (aka Mrs Latham) a song about colour mixing to help her remember. It goes like this...

(To the tune of Okey Cokey)
You put a blue blob here, a yellow blob there
Blue blob, yellow blob and give it a stir
You do the okey cokey and you turn around
And green is what you make
(the rest of the song is the same as the original)

You can change the colour names in the song for the different outcomes. Happy singing!!

Here I Am
The children are starting their topic on Initiation now. The children will be learning about baptism. You may wish to support your child by looking at videos or photographs of their baptism.

Mathematical Development
This week is assessment and review week prior to the end of half term. This is an opportunity for us to assess the children on their counting (reliably of course!) and their recognition of the shapes and their properties. The children have created some beautiful art work inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's piece 'Swinging'. We hope to have them up in the classroom after the half term so please pop in and see them after school one night. Over this week you may wish to look back at the websites that have been posted earlier this half term to support the assessment process.

Communication, Language and Literacy
The children will continue to develop their letter recognition. This will be done through an alphabet book. The key word for this week will be 'alliteration'. What on earth is alliteration you may be asking! Well, basically, alliteration is when words within a sentnece or phrase begin with the same sound (phoneme). For example, slithering snakes, happy hippos, etc. The children will be asked to identify words and objects that begin with the same sound. This will be further developed into them writing silly alliterative sentences with their group e.g Sammy snake sucks sticky sausages. I'm sure this will cause many giggles, and that's just from the staff! Again the websites previously noted on this blog will support your child's learning.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Next week the Hindu familiaes will be celebrating Divali. This is one of our most favourite weeks when the children really learn about the culture of other religions. The children will learn about the story of Rama and Sita and have the opportunity to reenact the story. They will be using the different construction kits we have in class to build a bridge for the monkey army in the story to cross the river. They will experience Indian cuisine by tasting curries, popadoms, rice, etc. Mrs Latham will be making an indian sweet called barfi. I have also organised for a dance company to visit the school and show the children how to do the indian dancing.

Physical Development and Creative Development
The children will be developing their fine motor skills by doing a little sewing this week. They children are to work together to stitch sequins and beads onto some sari material. These will later be used in the role play area. The children will also experience using clay as they will make clay diva lamps. They will make paper flower garlands too. The children will learn a lovely song about Divali and create their own movements to the song in their PE lesson.

Other details
Just a quick reminder about Parents' Evening. They will be held in the classroom. Thank you to you all for your prompt return of the forms to allow for times to be allocated. Please could you keep the handwriting book and library book in the plastic wallet we gave you and return them both on Friday. Please do not send them in any earlier as it is often difficult to find places to house so many folders throughout the week.

Have a great week. I know we will!!

best wishes

Jayne Narraway and the Foundation Stage Team x

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